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Waste Collection

To meet your national waste removal needs, we start by understanding one thing: your goals.

By understanding your objectives, we can leverage our considerable national and local resources to optimize waste removal and deliver unparalleled line of sight through our on-line reporting tools.

Whether you have defined your goals already or need support from our sustainability auditors to do so, we are well placed to meet them… community by community, city by city.

  • Our optimization specialists are ready to assess your sites to uncover opportunities for service upgrades, process improvements, increased diversion and cost savings.
  • Our local experts have the tools and expertise to design pick up schedules and frequencies that are right for each of your sites.
  • Our collection vehicles are equipped with onboard technology that make them ideal for accessing all of your properties safely and efficiently – and feeding online reporting – and many are powered by clean-burning alternative fuels such as natural gas.
  • Our extensive inventory of waste and recycling containers solves challenges associated with confined pick up areas.
  • And our customized online dashboards and consolidated invoicing give you the command and control for enhanced performance.

With a single phone call, we can deploy bins across our more than 240 operating districts in North America.

And we provide on-the-ground advice to help you select the size and type of container that works for the building envelopes, waste streams and custodial staff employed across your national business platform.

To learn why we are the Waste Connectionschoice for waste removal nationally – and locally – call our national service center at 1-866-442-4487

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Simplify Your National Waste and Recycling Program with Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts Services

Creating a Sustainable Future through Progressive Waste Solutions

Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts division provides geographically dispersed companies with a reliable source for their waste and recycling programs. Whether your company has 10 locations, 100 or 1,000, you can benefit from the economies of scale and ease of use our National Accounts services provide.

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