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Other Services

Waste Connections offers a full range of commercial and industrial waste services required to serve the needs of companies of all sizes.

Through our National Accounts division, your facilities can receive:
Solid Waste Collection

We provide hand collection and containerized services to a wide variety of commercial and industrial customers. We provide most of our commercial and industrial customers with containers designed to be lifted mechanically and then either emptied into a collection vehicle’s collection hopper, or in the case of large roll-off containers, loaded onto the collection vehicle. Our standard commercial containers range in size from 1 to 8 cubic yards, and roll-off containers generally range in size from 10 to 40 cubic yards.

Management Reporting.

We can provide National Accounts customers detailed reports on their waste-related activities and expenditures be it by individual location, region, or company-wide. These reports can be extremely helpful in achieving waste minimization and other company goals.

Environmental Compliance

Waste Connections can help your company maintain environmental compliance by monitoring and reporting your waste recycling and disposal activities nationwide.

Transfer Station Services

We operate 63 transfer stations that are located near many of our collection routes, and which receive the nonhazardous solid waste we’ve collected from our own and third-party collection vehicles. Having such stations allows us to safely and cost-effectively transport it, in bulk, to one of our designated disposal facilities

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Simplify Your National Waste and Recycling Program with Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts Services

Creating a Sustainable Future through Progressive Waste Solutions

Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts division provides geographically dispersed companies with a reliable source for their waste and recycling programs. Whether your company has 10 locations, 100 or 1,000, you can benefit from the economies of scale and ease of use our National Accounts services provide.

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