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Organic waste recycling can take your business in a whole new direction.

Many of our districts specialize in recycling organic material for some of North America’s largest companies.

And they do it in a cost-practical manner that benefits your business – through increased recycling and diversion rates – and your local and national reputation for environmental sustainability.

We make organics recycling easy.

  • Our associates analyze your waste streams and define an actionable organics plan.
  • We educate your teams using proven training and support materials.
  • We outfit your facilities with containers that are specially designed to lock down organic material and provide ease of access for your custodial staff.
  • And we collect organics and bring them to our local facilities where they are converted into compost, energy, and other usable products.

And like our other environmental solutions for national accounts, organics recycling performance is tracked and reported to you online in a powerful dashboard system.

To learn more, call our national service center at 1-866-442-4487.

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Simplify Your National Waste and Recycling Program with Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts Services

Creating a Sustainable Future through Progressive Waste Solutions

Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts division provides geographically dispersed companies with a reliable source for their waste and recycling programs. Whether your company has 10 locations, 100 or 1,000, you can benefit from the economies of scale and ease of use our National Accounts services provide.

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