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Your Single Source for Company-Wide Waste Collection and Recycling Services.

Waste Connections’ National Accounts division provides your large, geographically dispersed company with a single, reliable source for its waste management services.

Through its National Accounts division, Waste Connections provides a variety of initiatives designed to simplify and improve service, streamline operations, enhance diversion opportunities, minimize costs, increase productivity, deliver innovation and create a productive business experience.

Our National Accounts program enables your large company to source all of its waste-related services from a single point-of-contact. This eliminates the sometime labour-intensive and costly process of trying to identify, evaluate and hire waste service providers for each location.

Having us as your single point-of-contact service provider delivers:

  • Administrative requirement reductions
  • Total program accountability
  • Reduced program costs
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Access to our National Accounts Service Center

We can tailor individual service programs to meet each of your facilities unique and specific needs. Regardless of the number of locations you have, we can create invoices designed to meet your business requirements. You’ll have a single dedicated Service Manager to handle all your questions and requests. And each of your locations will receive the same consistently high level of service that is the hallmark of Waste Connections Waste Solutions.

Call us today to learn more about how Waste Connections’ National Accounts can help your company achieve its environmental goals.

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Simplify Your National Waste and Recycling Program with Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts Services

Creating a Sustainable Future through Progressive Waste Solutions

Progressive Waste Solutions’ National Accounts division provides geographically dispersed companies with a reliable source for their waste and recycling programs. Whether your company has 10 locations, 100 or 1,000, you can benefit from the economies of scale and ease of use our National Accounts services provide.

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